TYDI BOWL Toilet Cleaner Liquid- BubbleBlast - 650ml (Pack Of 2)

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TYDI BOWL Toilet Cleaner Liquid- BubbleBlast - 650ml (Pack Of 2)


TYDI BOWL Toilet Cleaner Liquid, Hard Water Stain Remover with Vinegar Powered, Non-Toxic, Child Safe & Pet Safe, BubbleBlast - 650ml2L/5L-650 ml (pack of 2)



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SKU TYDI BOWL _Toilet Cleaner Liquid_BubbleBlast _650ml

India's 1st Vinegar & Baking Soda powered cleaning products. Lab tested Proprietary formula. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Pet Safe, Child Safe formula.

TYDI BOWL® is a proprietary cleaning formula made of a powerful yet natural cleaning agent – Vinegar. It eliminates tough stains and odours, without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind. Plus its vinegar powered formula is a strong, natural disinfectant and banishes those stubborn hard water stains with ease. The thick gel formulation also eliminates limescale and urine scales, leaving it sparkling clean and amazingly fresh.
What makes TYDI BOWL® so Effective?
Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Safe and Bio-degradable formula
Combats hard water stains & toilet rings
Contains Vinegar, nature’s toughest cleaner which, fights 99.9% germs, bacteria and tough mould on contact
Thick gel formula evenly coats your toilet bowl for a thorough cleaning
Whitens your toilet bowl; shiny toilet bowl with every flush
Works better than bleach
Removes lime scales, urine scales and any discolouration without harming the septic tank.

Product Specification
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Product Specification

Aqua, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Thickner, Permitted Colours and Fragrances

Shelf Life 730 days


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