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About Us Pracol


Prayaana Collective – the brand that synonyms with Unity, Sustainability and Empowerment. 


We are India’s First Women Empowerment E-Commerce Platform


The platform is uniquely designed with an attractive affiliate marketing model where all the women customers are given an opportunity for lifetime savings and earnings. Our unique affiliate marketing makes sure that each person who signs up with your referral id and further invites his/ her friends becomes your source of referral income. So, when you / your friends buy from Prayaana Collective, you do two things


1.       Help a Woman Entrepreneur run and scale up her business


2.       Make money yourself through referral income.


Doesn’t that sound to be too good to be true? Yes, it does. But, its true and genuine. Everytime you / your friend buys a Pracol Product / Service, you get Prayaana Cash added to your Pracol Wallet which can be redeemed / encashed on a monthly basis.


We believe that financial empowerment is the key to women empowerment and we aim to provide financial empowerment avenues to women through Prayaana Collective in multiple ways


1.       We list and promote women owned brands / women made products / services. We aim to onboard and nurture 1000 women entrepreneurs (Prayaana Prayojikas)  by 2022.


2.       We develop and nurture Prayaana Samyojikas – who act as business promoters for these products


3.       We run various social upliftment trainings, community meetups and skill development initiatives on a regular basis through our CSR arm , Prayaana Labs and We also have an online community platform for women. Come, become a Prayaana Yaathrika by registering your profile at www.prayaana.in or by downloading the Prayaana Mobile app from Playstore and ios store 


Our Story

In 2017, Prayaana Labs was launched by our Founder, Ms. Chandra Vadhana , along with a strong team of Chief Mentors,  Dr. Lalitha Mathew , Ms. Jessica Mundroina and Ms. Keziah Thomas. The objective was to empower and up skill the women – especially the qualified women with a career break and provide them with suitable career mentoring. This voluntary organisation went ahead to become a movement in India and several women /girls joined the cause.  Prayaana Hubs are active online and in various cities. The Prayaana Ambassadors conduct various women empowerment and skill development activities

In the process of enabling women to restart careers, several new enterprises were born. The women entrepreneurs then needed a collaborative platform to promote and sell their products and services. Thus came the idea of Prayaana Collective.


Awards and Recognition

Prayaana Labs won the Prestigious UNCTAD Empretec Women in Business Award for 2018  for enabling skills development of girls and women. This was the first time an Indian organisation is winning this award. Our journey of empowering lives of more women continues in different manners. 


 Our Vision

To empower everyone who joins us with a life of abundance, quality and goodness.


Our Mission 2023

1000 Prayojikas | 10000 Samyojikas | 1 Million Customers. 


Our Objectives

To provide high quality product /verified services to customers through our exclusive women entrepreneur network.