Svojas Farms Millet Dosa Mixes -Combo Pack

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Svojas Farms Millet Dosa Mixes -Combo Pack

Svojas Farms Healthy Millet Dosa Mixes- Saver Pack of 3 - Foxtail, Finger (Ragi), and Sorghum Millets - 3x350g 
  • Great Source of Protein & Dietary Fiber
  • Quick & Healthy Breakfast Mixes
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan, No Preservatives
  • Complex Carbs Helps with Blood Sugar Management
  • 100% Preservatives, Artificial Chemicals & GMO Free
  • Familiar Taste, Immesnely Healthy.


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The Svojas Farms Healthy Millet Dosa Mixes are a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy Dosa for breakfast. This pack includes three dosa mixes of different Millets: Foxtail, Ragi, and Sorghum Millets, providing a variety of flavors and health benefits. Each Millet Dosa mix is made from a single millet and mixed with regular legumes that go with traditional dosa preparation, providing a gluten-free and high Protein breakfast solution. These mixes are free of preservatives and added artificial contents, making them a healthy and natural choice. Additionally, the low glycemic index of millets can help regulate blood sugar levels, making these dosa mixes a suitable option for individuals with diabetes. The high fiber content of these mixes can also help improve digestive health, which can be beneficial for the elderly.

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Product Specification
Svojas Farms Healthy Millet Dosa Mixes | Pack of 3 |Foxtail, Finger (Ragi), and Sorghum Millets | 3x350g |
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