Mesmara Neem Cake Powder 900G

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Mesmara Neem Cake Powder 900G

Mesmara Neem Cake Powder 900G

Neem Cake Powder works as Nematicide. Nematicide means pesticides used to kill plant-parasitic nematodes.
How to use 
Mix with Soil and Add to Plants for better result. Do not Sprinkle on the surface.
Potted Plants: Small 25-30g/Pot
Large 50-80g/Pot
Once in 3 Months
Flowering Plants: Roses 80-100 Gms/Plant
Hibiscus 150-200 Gms/Plant
Crotons 150-200 Gms/Plant
Bougainvillea 300-500 Gms/Plant
Once in 3 Months
Annuals: Dahlia 80-100 Gms/Plant etc. Once in 3 Months
Plantation Crops (Plantain Coconut, Areca Nut, Coffee, Tea, Mango, Lemon and all other Fruit Crops) 2-4 Kg/Tree Twice a year
1. Pre Monsoon
2. Post Monsoon


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Mesmara Neem cake is a good slow-release organic fertiliser. It will slowly break down and release nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium into the soil, making it obtainable for plants to use. Mesmara Neem Cake has an NPK of 6-1-2. Neem cakes are excellent for providing other nutrients to plants. They contain 13-18% of crude protein, 24–50% of carbohydrates, 8–26% of crude, 2–13% of fat, 5–18% of ash, and 1–17% acid insoluble ash along with calcium and magnesium.


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