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Mesmara Mustard Oil Cold Pressed 1000ml (One Litre)

Telangana, India

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Mesmara Mustard Oil Cold Pressed 1000ml (One Litre)


Mesmara Mustard oil is high in omega-3 and vitamin E, nourishes skin and promotes hair growth, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties prevent dandruff and itchiness. Consuming foods cooked or contain mustard oil can also help fight bacterial infections in your digestive system.

Versatile Use Drizzle some Mesmara Mustard Oil in your salads or cook your favourite dishes. Mesmara mustard oil has a high smoking point making it ideal for frying/Indian cooking.

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Mesmara Cold Pressed Mustard oil has a Rich colour, aroma & flavour of mustard seeds, and its unprocessed, it is a very healthy cooking medium, keto friendly, ideal for weight loss.

Mesmara Mustard oil is Cold pressed in a wood press/kachi ghani, has no toxic chemicals that are found in refined oils, rich in antioxidants & nutrients, no cholesterol or trans fats; mustard oil is also an key ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments, used for massages for muscular and joint problems, and in providing relief from the common cold.


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