Medical Grade Silicone Mentrual Cup

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Medical Grade Silicone Mentrual Cup

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1 Medical Grade Silicone Mentrual Cups - Get 1 Packet of Panty Liners(Free)

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SKU Medical Grade Silicone Mentrual Cups

Every girl is born with wings. Hers & Hers is an invisible wing watching out for her right from her first period.

The conversations around menstruation are slowly coming to the fore in India. There is still a long way to go, of course. Yet the ongoing conversations are leading to more meaningful discussions around debunking menstruation myths, menstrual wellness & hygiene, and so on.

Hers & Hers aims to be part of this endearing change. We want to empower every girl and woman with sufficient information to make her own choices in menstrual wellness. We want you to live healthily and heartily without the fuss around menstruation.

In a world with abundant choices for everything, menstruators too should have access to the best sanitary products. Hers & Hers brings you the best sanitary napkins and menstrual Cups for your needs keeping in mind every need of yours. Rest assured that our products are designed to give your body the comfort & care it deserves.

No more tension on waking up to red sheets
Zero disposal- One cup for the next ten years
( We suggest changing it every 2 years)
Allergies, Rashes, Irritation, and Disturbance
Go for your best exercises, swimming, yoga, dance and duty without any stress

We won't compromise in Quality..!

Comfort to wear
Ergonomic design & Snug Fit
Side wall protection
Odour Free
Heavier period quick dry-feel top protection
Ultra Thin
Super soft
Long hours usage
No Unaesthetic appearance or colour
Stay in Place
Free from harmful chemicals
High Absorption( 4X)
Quick absorbing ability
High Liquid retention
Rashes, itches & irritation free
Premium quality raw materials used

Product Specification
More Information
Product Specification

Medical Grade Liquid Silicone – LSR
Reusable: Lasts up to ten years with proper care. Spend less, waste less.
Reliable: Wear up to 12 hours,* even while sleeping.
Comfortable: Soft, flexible, and molds to your shape, allowing you to hike, swim or just relax.
Natural: Naturally non-toxic and odor-free.
Safe: Hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

Our cups are made with EU standards

S – Age below 21 yrs- Young teenagers or not married*
M – Age 22-38 yrs – Women with usual/average flow/given birth via C -section*
L – Age above 25 yrs with heavy flow / given birth vaginally*

Our Cups has 2 colour is all sizes ,Aqua Green & Translucent or snow white

*Disclaimer- Size may vary as per individual

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