Herbal 2-in-1 Face & Body Wash for Men - HOMEMADE

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Herbal 2-in-1 Face & Body Wash for Men - HOMEMADE

Herbal 2-in-1 Face & Body Wash for Men - HOMEMADE

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With daily, regular use on face & body:

  • Make your skin soft, shiny and radiant
  • Naturally moisturise your skin
  • Remove dark spots
  • Look fairer and younger

Can be used on all skin types and by all age groups.   Noticeable difference may be felt in 2-3 weeks of regular usage.

Directions of use

Step-1:  Take 1 to 2 table spoons of Smartika 2 in 1 Herbal Face Wash cum Face Pack.

Step-2:  Make a paste with Water (or) Milk (or) Rose water (or) Curds (or) Tomato juice.

Step-3:  Apply the paste on face and body; massage gently for 2-3 minutes.

Step-4:  Wash your face & body thoroughly with water to feel the freshness.

Caution: In the rare scenario of any allergic reactions or rashes, stop usage and consult a doctor.

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SKU Herbal 2-in-1 Face & Body Wash for Men - HOMEMADE

Herbal 2-in-1 Face & Body Wash for Men

  • Contains 40 natural ingredients
  • Infused with aromatic herbs & roots
  • Floral petals & Fruit peels
  • 100% Herbal - 100% Chemical free! 

Our new range of herbal beauty products resonates our core beliefs in nature & tradition and nicely extends our focus from internal wellness to external wellness, to support you in this fast paced era!

Say Yes to Tradition!    Say No to Chemicals!

Go Smart!    Go Smartika!

Product Specification
More Information
Product Specification


  • Lemon & Orange Peels,  Badam, Cucumber Seeds, Dried Roses, Pink Sandal Wood Powder,
  • Rakthachandanam, Devadaru, Thirumanjanam,  Jadamanjal, Talisapatri, Dhavanam,  Kiliyura Pattai, Drivyapattai,
  • Avaram Poo, Chenbaga Mottu, Makhizham Poo, Marikhozhundhu, Siru Nagai Poo, Adhimadhuram Poo,
  • Kuppameni, Neem, Vettiver,  Nannari, Vilamichai Ver, Vasambu, Nutmeg, Annasi Poo, Elachi, Saunf, Fenu Greek Seeds,
  • Kichli Kizhangu, Poolan Kizhangu, Akil,
  • Green gram, Bengal Gram, Urad, Kharbog Arisi
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