Buy SOVI® Dishwash Liquid Gel 2 Liters Get 650 ml Toilet Cleaner Free

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Buy SOVI® Dishwash Liquid Gel 2 Liters Get 650 ml Toilet Cleaner Free


Buy SOVI® Dishwash Liquid Gel 2 Liters Get TYDI BOWL® 650 ml Toilet Cleaner Free

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Our Super Saver deal is here. Get a 650 ml TYDIBOWL(R) Toilet Cleaner Free with a 2 Liter Pack of SOVI® Dishwash Liquid Gel.

Our Signature Baking Soda Powered Dishwashing Liquid that acts 2 times faster on grease and food stains leaving behind ZERO chemical residue. Triple power - Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizes utensils. Also acts as a multipurpose gel to clean gas stoves, chimneys and sinks.

SOVI® Dishwash Gel is a powerful, grease-cutting gel that leaves your dishes squeaky clean, while being gentle on your hands.

Our Stain Blasting and Grime Destroying dishwashing formula contains the “Power Powder” BAKING SODA, salt and Lemon Extract.


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Product Specification

Powered by Baking Soda:

• Powerful grease-cutting formula effective on all types of vessels
Easily removes strong food odour from plastic containers

• A Natural Cleaner and kitchen staple, Baking Soda, cleans and deodorizes

• Multi-purpose cleaning gel – Swipe your gas stove, hubs, chimneys, filters and kitchen sinks sparkly clean, fresh and odour-free


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