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Beautiful Garden Eye & Lip Care combo

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Beautiful Garden Eye & Lip Care combo


Rose Water Eye Drops : Rs 219

Cocoa lip balm : Rs 270

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SKU Beautiful Garden Eye & Lip Care combo

Authentic homemade distilled Rose water

What is our Rose Water Eye Drops made up of :

Beautiful Garden Rose Water Eye Drops is authentically made and 100% pure, distilled by ourselves. Thus medicinally also it works the way real Rose water should as per Ayurved.

Cocoa Lip Balm

What is our Cocoa Lip Balm made up of :

Beautiful Garden Cocoa Lip Balm is a vegan lip balm made up of raw unrefined pure Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter. No added fragrances / perfumery / essential oils to this product, to make it absolutely safe for everyone.  This is a pure innocent vegan product made up only of healthy plant oils & butters. It does not contain any artificial colour.


Product Specification
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Product Specification

Rose Water Eye Drops

Container : Glass bottle with dropper

Net Vol. : 7 ml

Approximate estimated time it will go on for, if used regularly by 1 person : 1 month

Recommended storage condition : in refrigerator


Cocoa Lip Balm

Container : Food grade plastic container.

Net Wt. : 7 gm

Recommended storage condition : Normal room temp away from direct sunlight.

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