Hers&Hers Buy 4 packs of 6XXL pads Get 1 pack of 6XL pads Free

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Hers&Hers Buy 4 packs of 6XXL pads Get 1 pack of 6XL pads Free

Hers&Hers Buy 4 packs of 6XXL pads Get 1 pack of 6XL pads Free

  • Designed for Comfort               -Ergonomic design &Snug Fit
  • Efficient Absorbing capacity               -5 times higher absorption
  • Super soft top sheet               -Keeps you fresh & Cushiony comfort all along
  • Special side protection walled with wings -locks in the flow
  • Breathable bottom -Protects from Anaerobic bacterial growth  and  infection
  • Toxic Free -7 Toxic free layers protects from allergies, irritation & rashes
  • Ultra Thin and Super soft -Ideal for Heavy flow & Sensitive skin
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At this given point of time there are many big and small sanitary napkin providers in the market with day & night use variants ,yes, as the name suggest this variant is Any Time Use, the product is designed in such a way that the customers can be confident while in use during day or night, this super soft ultra thin sanitary napkins is made with an incredibly soft materials ,the napkins absorb fast and keeps fluid away from your body so that you can stay fresh and feel cushiony comfort all  along ,the delicate wings with soft special side leak walled formulae and 7 toxic free layer features locks in the flow reduces the chance of leaks and stains , the breathability feature in the bottom layer protects from Anaerobic bacterial growth and infection ,Any Time Use XXL napkins has high absorbing capacity which makes the user wonder on heavy flow days ,this product is free from harmful chemicals that often causes rashes and irritation, this soft shield is ideal for sensitive skin

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