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  1. Some More Noodles_Combo 5: Barnyard Millet, Ragi, Pearl Millet, FoxtailMillet
  2. Some More Complete Health Mix
  3. First Spoon Rice and Dhal
  4. Some More Noodles_Combo 2: Red Rice, Ragi, pearl millet, little millet
  5. Some More Noodles_Combo 4: Multi Millet, Pearl millet, Ragi, Foxtail Millet
  6. Some More Kodo Millet Noodles
  7. First Spoon Ragi Banana Mix
  8. First Spoon  Wheat Rice and Dhal
  9. Some More Noodles_Combo 1_Moringa, Kodo Millet, little millet, foxtail millet
  10. Some More Noodles_Combo 3_Wheat , foxtail millet, kodo millet, ragi
  11. Some More milletsevai_combo4 barnyard, kambu, samai, thinai, varagu
  12. firstspoon millet cookies combo_1_apple and pumpkin, honey and banana
  13. somemorefoods millet cookies combo_1_chia seeds ,little millet and multimillet
  14. Some More Millet Pasta Combo 2 (Varagu, Kuthiravali ,Samai & Wheat Pasta)
  15. somomorefoods millet cookies combo_3_coconut and foxtail millet , multimillet
  16. Some More Millet Sevai_combo1: barnyard, kambu, moringa, redrice, wheat
  17. Some More Millet Pasta 4 Ragi, Kuthiravali, Multimillet, Thinai pasta
  18. firstspoon millet cookies - Honey and Banana flavour(pack of 2)
  19. Some More Millet sevai_combo3: moringa, redrice, multi, wheat, varagu
  20. Gluten free millet cookies combo_1_chiaseeds and little millet , coconut and foxtail millet , multimillet, apple and pumpkin , honey and banana
  21. Some More Millet Sevai_combo5: moringa, red rice, wheat ,multi, ragi
  22. Some More Millet Pasta Combo 1 Pack (Ragi , Kambu, Thinai & Wheat Pasta)
  23. somemorefoods milletcookies combo_2_chia seeds and little millet , coconut and foxtail millet
  24. Some More Millet Pasta Combo of 3 ( Multimillet Wheat , Varagu & Samai Pasta
  25. firstspoon millet cookies- apple and pumpkin pack of 2
  26. Some More Millet Sevai_combo2: samai, thinai, moringa, redrice, wheat
  27. somemore millet cookies(TWO PACK OF EACH VARIETY)  combo_4_chiaseeds and little millet, coconut and foxtail millet , multimillet
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27 Items

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