Natural Dyes & Hair: The Art & Science of Hair Coloring

by Ms Maushumi Thakurta of MrilQ Cosmeceuticals


How to get different COLORS or SHADES with INDIGO or Indigofera tinctoria– Part 2


Indigo is a legume and the Indigo powder smells somewhat like frozen peas. Mix indigo powder with water into a paste, and immediately put it on hair. The Indoxyl molecules in the freshly made Indigo paste will migrate from the paste into the Keratin  of the hair shaft and bind with it.

Please Note:

  • Oxidation happens really fast in Indigo powder. So once you open the packet and make a paste with water, apply it immediately.
  • Store the remaining Indigo Powder in an air tight container.
  • Do not freeze left over Indigo paste.
  • If the Indoxyl molecule is oxidized to the Indigo molecule before it has a chance to bind to and dye the keratin of your hair, it will wash out of your hair. So make the Indigo Paste, ONLY once you are ready to apply it on your hair.


Though Indigo is a blue dye, when mixed with henna, together, they create brown. In different proportions, henna and indigo mixes create an array of brown & black tones in hair.

The final color depends on a number of factors:

  1. Base hair color
  2. Hair structure or structure of Keratin of hair
  3. The consistency of the paste or the mix
  4. The application process followed
  5. Washing the hair with shampoo on the same day or the next day of application of the dye.



  1. Base: Complete Black hair : MrilQ Incredible Indigo (I2)  with MrilQ Mix & Fix Binder (M&F)

Make the MrilQ Mix & Fix Binder Liquid. Let it cool down.  

Add MrilQ Incredible Indigo(I2)  to it. Make a smooth paste. ( The paste will not be as smooth as that of Henna paste with MrilQ Mix & Fix Binder) as Indigo powder is a little coarse compared to Henna.

Apply immediately. Keep for 60 minutes. Wash off with M&D Violet Breeze hair wash.

Result :

  • Dark Blue highlights seen under strong light and sun.
  • Super soft & shiny hair

Unlike Henna , IndigO  individually does not condition the hair but with MrilQ Incredible Indigo together with Mix & Fix Binder makes the hair Super conditioned  & lustrous .


  1. Base: 5% to 95 %  Grey hair :

We have shared a few possible shades that can be achieved with mixture of Henna & Indigo. (Reference picture no. 1, 2 & 3)

Points to be noted:

For the first THREE MONTHS, apply Henna & Indigo from ROOTS to TIPS, very evenly.

(Reference:  MAIN BANNER showing the application & using cling wrap)

Applying MrilQ natural DYE PASTE to the complete hair length , every 15 days, for first THREE months has MULTIPLE BENEFITS.


  • It will improve the condition of the scalp and the hair immensely. The hair becomes thicker and healthier. Even very dry & damaged hair gets better with each application.


  • The color gets saturated well and the Keratin absorbs the colour well. This color lasts a very long time.


  • Post three months, doing a ROOT TOUCH UP every 15 days would be enough.
  • Dyeing the entire Hair length can be done once in five to six months.



Application Process: ( Basic process for Henna, Indigo & Cassia)

  1. Use comb with long tail to section your hair.
  2. Use clips or clutches to hold the sections in place .
  3. Wrap a towel or cape around your neck / shoulder
  4. Use glovesto apply the DYE Paste ON CLEAN HAIR.

Henna stains the finger nails & fingers. It also stains cotton & silk fabric.

Indigo stains fingers, cotton & silk fabric.

Cassia does not leave any stain.

(Henna & Indigo stain do not last long, except in fingernails. They go off within two days from the skin).

  1. Use a brush to apply the dye paste on the hair & the GLOVED hands to PUSH the dye onto the hair.
  2. Starting with the small GRAY HAIR near the TEMPLE & SIDE BURNS first with thick color. Usually these hairs are very resistant to dyeing
  3. Take a ONE INCH section.

Apply DYE paste to the section. 

Part a new section and apply dye paste over the new section. Put the new hair over the paste of the previous section. This will ensure that both sides of the hair section is coated well. You will get an even color throughout. (Reference picture above)

  1. Push the paste down to the scalp with the gloved hand. ( MrilQ Natural dyes with herbs are extremely beneficial for improving the health of infected scalp)
  2. Apply patiently and cover the hair length well.
  3. Cling wrap the hair to keep it moist and warm. This will also help with maximum penetration of the dye and binding to the keratin of the hair.

     You may apply A SCARF over the cling wrap for better absorption.

  1. Use cotton swabs or small cloth pieces to dab the paste off the ears & forehead. You may apply MrilQ Hydra serum off the hairline and forehead just before applying natural dyes to prevent staining of the forehead.9 the stain if any, does not stay long)


Preferable dye absorption time:

Henna : Three hours

Indigo : Two hours

Cassia: Two & half hours

Depending on your hair structure and the color you want, you may opt for the following option for washing your hair.

  1. Rinse your hair well with water. Take a piece of lemon, add its juice to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse.

Dry your hair.

Lightly oil your hair.

Shampoo off with M&D Violet Breeze hair wash, the NEXT DAY.

  1. Rinse well with water and Shampoo off with M&D Violet Breeze hair wash, the same DAY

Be a little more generous with shampoo/ hair wash & water to wash off the natural dye OFF YOUR HAIR.

Shades  of Color Charisma:

Ref: Picture 1

Single Step Process: Mahogany Auburn Color

50% MrilQ IncrediblE IndigO + 50% MrilQ HennA & HaiR with MrilQ MiX & FiX Binder


First three Months:

75% IncrediblE Indigo & 25% HennA & HaiR every 15 days, for the first 3 months on entire hair length. (from roots to tips)

After that follow  up with 50% IncreiblE IndigO and 50% HennA & HaiR on entire hair length or only where touchup is required. Frequency can be decreased now as per requirement.

For a more coppery tone Henna ratio can be increased.


Ref: Picture 2

Single Step Process: Chestnut Brown Color

75% MrilQ IncrediblE IndigO + 25% MrilQ HennA & HaiR with MrilQ MiX & FiX Binder –

First three Months:

75% IncrediblE Indigo & 25% HennA & HaiR every 15 days, for the first 3 months on entire hair length. (from roots to tips)

After that follow with 75% IncreiblE IndigO and 25% HennA & HaiR on entire hair length or only where touchup is required.  Frequency can be decreased now as per requirement.


Ref: Picture 3

Two Step Process: Natural Black Color

MrilQ HennA & HaiR with MrilQ MiX & FiX Binder followed by  MrilQ IncrediblE IndigO -

First three Months:

Apply HennA & HaiR (mixed in Binder) followed by application of Incredible IndigO every 15 days, for the first 3 months on entire hair length. (from roots to tips)

After that frequency can be decreased as per requirement & application can be on entire hair length or only where touchup is required. 

When hair is dyed first with henna and then over-dyed with indigo, the hair will be Natural JET BLACK, even when dyeing over blonde or graying hair. After a few washes the indigo might fade, re- dye for color saturation . Usually within three months, the entire hair length takes up the color and only touch up is required.

Patch test before using natural colors too. Few people are allergic to Indigo.

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