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Who Is A Samyojika?


Samyojikas are our women affiliates who earn income from Pracol by promotion of products and by explaining health benefits of natural products and Pracol's unique proposition of helping women return back to work after a break and learn necessary skills.

Helping women become self reliant and financially independent


Why Must You Become A Samyojika?


Become a Samyojika and enjoy great monetary benefits from each purchase made by customers who have used your affiliate link to register. With Pracol's profitable sales margin, you are sure to receive great benefits with each customer you bring.

Opportunity for lifetime savings and earnings to you.


Why Must You Choose Pracol To Become A Samyojika?


Pracol is India's first E commerce platform focusing on women empowerment. Pracol is a sister concern of Prayaana Labs which is a non-profit organisation working towards employability, entrepreneurship and innovation development of women and girls

Join the women empowerment revolution in India

Easy Online Interface

Our easy-to-use Affiliate Program helps you to promote the website effectively using a simple link just a click away.  The referral commissions that you earn can be redeemed easily via cash transfers / product redemption.

Be a part of a global women community!

Becoming a Samyojika also means that you get access to Prayaana’s community of amazing women who help each other ,learn together and collaborate on their business and career.


Free Learning and Training

Samyojikas get regular training and access to learning resources which helps them in their overall quality of life and in building their digital business.


Regular Gifts and Bonuses!

Samyojikas get exclusive gifts and bonuses regularly for their sales and signups which is in addition to  their referral commissions.

So, Why wait, Click on and Sign up !

Join Pracol as a Samyojika and embark on a journey of prosperity and empowerment for you and your family!

Promote our products to have great benefits at your disposal.