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Who Is A Prayojika?

Prayojikas are women entrepreneurs who get the benefits of having the availability of our E commerce platform, Pracol to sell their products. Pracol has a positive market reach and attracts new customers with our attractive marketing and provides an opportunity to buy products at discounted prices.

Why Must You Become A Prayojika?

Becoming a Prayojika means, you are now a part of a big network of women globally. And this simply means, you are entering a zone of a wide network through which you can promote your products. So if you are a woman entrepreneur, you must certainly not let this opportunity pass you by.

Why Must You Choose Pracol To Become A Prayojika?

Contribute to Women Empowerment


Pracol is India's first E commerce platform focusing on women empowerment.Pracol is a sister concern of Prayaana Labs which is a non-profit organisation working towards employability, entrepreneurship and innovation development of women and girls. So, when you are associating with Pracol, you are not just selling, but also part of a big mission of women empowerment. Join the women empowerment revolution in India

Get exclusive marketing support


Being a Prayojika also means that you are part of a wide community at Prayaana and thereby get access to regular marketing features through our media platforms like SheSight magazine, community platform features, social media , events etc. No other e-commerce platform gives these to women entrepreneurs!

Regular Training and Consulting support


Pracol provides regular training in various aspects of business including marketing, sales, finance, branding , personal growth etc. Join the exclusive community at Prayaana to get these support and you are sure to scale your business in the next few years beyond what you have dreamt of !

Hazzle free Shipping and customer support


Pracol takes care of your product shipping from your place through its wide network of logistics partners. We also provide dedicated customer support via our chat and phone options. So, forget all your other worries, focus on your core business!

Featuring Prayojika's

Togetherness and Collaboration = More Business and Faster Scale up!

So, Why wait anymore


Scale your business as a woman entrepreneur and get ready for a life changing growth journey!


 Join us as a Prayojika now!


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