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Hand crafted semi precious jewelleries

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  1. Haritham Short Necklace
  2. Mayookha - Pink Necklace
  3. Natural Agates Big Stone Bracelet-Blue
  4. Lava Beads Jumkaa Necklace - Pink
    Out of Stock
  5. Black Afghani Earrings
    Out of Stock
  6. BPE11-Green
    Out of Stock
  7. Tribal Silver
    Out of Stock
  8. Charutha Kemp necklace
  9. Single Square Ring - Maroon
    Out of Stock
  10. Beads N Style - Green
  11. Black Earring Ring set
    Out of Stock
  12. Citrine Gem stone Bracelet
  13. BPB04-Turquoise
    Out of Stock
  14. Silver Lakshmi Maala
    Out of Stock
  15. Raga Hasli Short Necklace
    Out of Stock
  16. Double Drips Necklace-Maroon
  17. Purple Stone Silver Kadaa
  18. Pink & Black Simple Choker
    Out of Stock
  19. Silver Gunguroo Chain
  20. Lakshmi Jumkaa
  21. Red Chilli Earrings
  22. Lava Beads Jumkaa Necklace - Yellow
  23. Stella Contemporary Chain Stella Contemporary Chain
  24. Blue &  Red Lava bracelet
  25. Elaina Neck Cuff
  26. Antique Gold pearl hanging
    Out of Stock
  27. Tharangini Natural Stones Necklace
  28. Clear Crystal Bracelet
    Out of Stock
  29. Black Peacock Jumkaa
    Out of Stock
  30. Kaveri silver oxidised set
  31. Sooryan Jumkhaa
  32. Hues of Humility-Blue Hues of Humility-Blue
  33. Elanora Half Stone Ring - Yellow
  34. White stone hoops
    Out of Stock
  35. Jilmil Pearl Hangings
    Out of Stock
  36. Diya Earrings
    Out of Stock
  37. Bridal Choker Set Bridal Choker Set
  38. Bia Necklace Set-Yellow
  39. Green Braided bracelet
  40. Flower choker
  41. Clover Hangings Green
  42. BPR01-Pink
    Out of Stock
  43. Druzy Round Stud
  44. Silver Coins Dori Necklace
    Out of Stock
  45. Stone Sooryan Jhumkaa
  46. Hues of Humility - Multi colour
  47. Elanora Half Stone Ring - Pale Pink
  48. Sooryakanti Hasli Necklace Green
  49. Mirror Earring
    Out of Stock
  50. 3D Hoops
    Out of Stock
  51. Simple Flower Silver Choker Black
    Out of Stock
  52. Bia Necklace Set-Pink Bia Necklace Set-Pink
    Out of Stock
  53. Dark Blue Stone Silver Kadaa
  54. Green Stones Ring
    Out of Stock
  55. Clover Hangings Pink
  56. Multi colour Nuggets Chain
  57. BPE11-Pink
  58. Silver Mania
  59. Small stone Jhumkaa
  60. Single Square Ring - Orange
  61. Helene Pearl Chain
  62. 2 Oxidised Earrings
  63. BPB04-Violet
  64. 3D Hoops-Turquoise
    Out of Stock
  65. Black Flat choker Black Flat choker
  66. Double Drips Necklace-Blue Double Drips Necklace-Blue
  67. Green Stone Silver Bracelet
  68. Simple Black choker
    Out of Stock
  69. Simple Pink Choker
  70. Rose Quartz Band Bracelet
  71. Lava Nuggets Neck chain
  72. BPE12-Green
    Out of Stock
  73. Bahaar Green Choker
    Out of Stock
  74. Ganesha Earrings
    Out of Stock
  75. Brown Beads Bracelet
    Out of Stock
  76. Beads N Style - Blue
  77. Multi colour Earrings Ring set
  78. Designer Printed Bracelet Designer Printed Bracelet
    Designer Printed Bracelet
    As low as ₹180.00
  79. BPB04-Grey
    Out of Stock
  80. Blue Stone Flower Necklace
    Out of Stock
  81. Malar Kemp Hasli Necklace
  82. Double Drips Necklace-Orange Double Drips Necklace-Orange
  83. Pink Stone Golden Kadaa
    Out of Stock
  84. Blue Stud
    Out of Stock
    Blue Stud
  85. Golden Gunguroo Chain
  86. Half Moon Stud
  87. Honey Leaf Earrings
    Out of Stock
  88. Bia Necklace Set-Maroon
  89. Orange Chips Bracelet
  90. Mermaid Neck cuff
  91. Clover Hangings Black
  92. Divyamani - Agates Necklace
    Out of Stock
  93. BPR01-Blue
  94. Half & Half Sleek Choker
    Half & Half Sleek Choker
    As low as ₹855.00
  95. Black stone setting set
  96. Flower Jhumkaa
  97. Hues of Humility - Green
  98. Elanora Half Stone Ring - Turquoise
  99. Blue Bells Short Necklace Blue Bells Short Necklace
  100. Mirror Jumkaa
    Out of Stock
  101. Red & Green Oxidised Necklace set
  102. Simple Flower Silver Choker
    Out of Stock
  103. Bia Necklace Set-Blue
  104. Yellow Braided Bracelet
  105. Coin Choker Coin Choker
  106. Clover Hangings White
  107. Natural Agates Big Stone Bracelet
  108. Pearl beads Choker
  109. Mayoori Earrings
    Mayoori Earrings
    As low as ₹275.00
  110. Caged Beauty Earrings
  111. Kemp flower Earrings
  112. Single Square Ring - Green
  113. Juliet Pearl Chain
  114. Sooryakanti Hasli Necklace Ruby Pink
  115. 3D Hoops-White
    Out of Stock
  116. Grey & White Squares
  117. Double Drips Necklace-Green
    Out of Stock
  118. Sky Blue Stone Silver Kadaa
  119. Hibiscus Ring
  120. Green Roses Necklace
  121. Natural Agates Big Stone Bracelet-Peacock blue
Grid List

121 Items

Set Descending Direction


BloomingPink is a start up by a mom-daughter duo, out of our mutual passion for classy hand crafted beads jewelleries - Designs from the heart & made with love, to enhance your grace. Our products are exclusively curated with natural stones & semi precious beads collected from a Pan India network and are mostly sold to a niche group of women who admire classy designs & personalised style statements.

Shipping Policy

We follow the Shipping policy as per the company guidelines. 

We issue replacements for damage of products during transit within 5 days of the original purchase of the product only if the unboxing video is provided to us within 24 hours of product received. The product is return shipped (shipping charge to be borne by the customer) by you intact to an address requested by us. A replacement will ONLY be provided. (Recreating or replacement may take another 5 to 6 working days). A refund can ONLY be issued in case of unavailability of the same product.