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Plant-Based Chicken Darjeeling Momo

Blue Tribe Foods

Blue Tribe foods creates delicious meat from plants

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Plant-Based Chicken Darjeeling Momo


Delectable mince meat spiced with the authentic flavours of Darjeeling, these handmade momos will steal a piece of your heart. 100% made of plant, containing wheat and soy, but with taste and texture that feels just like chicken. And it has zero cholesterol, did we mention? This momo will make you scream more more. 

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SKU Plant-Based Chicken Darjeeling Momo

Details –

Weight: 280g

12 momos

Product Type: Momo 


100% vegetarian

0 cholesterol

Low sodium


No antibiotics

No steroids

No hormones



Texturised Soy Protein (24%), Refined Wheat Flour (25%), Water (11%), Onions (10%), Spring Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilli, Refined Palm Olein Oil, Salt, Tomato, Red Chilli, Celery, Emulsifier {(INS 481), (INS472)}, Flavour Enhancer (E621), Thickener (INS 461). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR (s) (NATURAL FLAVOURS AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES) AND NATURAL COLOUR (INS 162). CONTAINS SOY, WHEAT AND CELERY 

Additional Information –

For the first time ever, presenting to you 100% vegetarian plant based chicken momos. We have the perfect solution to end all your momo cravings. Order now and get your taste of the plant based revolution. 

Cooks exactly like Chicken Momos

Simply remove from the packaging and either steam or pan fry the momos. There is so much tasty stuff you can do with our momos. 

Plant Based Chicken Momo

These handcrafted momos will steal a piece of your heart with delectable mince meat flavoured with genuine Darjeeling flavours. It's composed entirely of plants and contains wheat and soy, yet it tastes and feels like chicken and if you haven’t tried it yet, it does better! 

If we haven’t mentioned it already then you must know the plant based chicken momo contains zero cholesterol. And is actually much healthier than actual chicken momo. This momo will make you want to crave it’s taste more and more!!


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