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HappyKin Anion Sanitary Day Pads Combo of 2, (XL, 7 pads/ pack)


We Manufacture Premium Anion Sanitary Pads For Women

Tamil Nadu, India

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HappyKin Anion Sanitary Day Pads Combo of 2, (XL, 7 pads/ pack)


It's time to say goodbye to menstrual discomforts! Happykin is everything that a normal pad isn't. Happykin has special perforated layers that let your skin breathe to keep away rashes and infection.

The Special Features of Happykin Pads are,

  • The Anion strip
  • XL (Day Pads)
  • Breathable layers
  • 8 Layer' protection
  • '5x' Faster absorption
  • '100%' comfortability
  • '0' leakage.
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SKU HappyKin Anion Sanitary Day Pads Combo of 2, (XL, 7 pads/pack )

Happykin Premium Sanitary Napkins with Anion Strip Day Pad

Happykin wishes to see a women empowered society, where women have healthy period days, no different from normal days and lead a hygienic life. Happykin is everything that your normal pad isn't, 

  • Happykin pads are ultra-breathable with Anion Strip and wider wings; Length - 280mm (XL)
  • This pack contains 7 non-woven pads which offer full protection
  • It has '8 layer' protection with '5X' deep absorbency which ensures '0' leakage
  • The pad does not contain toxic prints or synthetic perfumes
  • The Anion Strip prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria which eliminates odour & rashes

Have a happy & healthy period with Happykin!

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