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First Spoon Rice and Dhal

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First Spoon Rice and Dhal


First Spoon Rice and Dhal

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First Spoon is a complementary food for babies. We offer the best that natural produce can offer, untouched by chemicals. We do this through the hands of our local farmers and using the best practices followed by our mommies and grannies aiming to provide maximum nutrient efficiency for your baby. Babies have sensitive taste buds and hence when there is a shift from mother's milk to baby food there must be a great deal of caution and considerations. At the age of 6 months, casual introduction of simple foods and then a gradual shift to First Spoon porridge lets the baby gets the specialized food till it is able to adapt  to the tastes of the rest of the family. First Spoon is free of preservatives, additives and is completely natural.


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