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Vacuum Fried Chips _ Ripe Banana, Kabooli Chana, Raw Banana, Tapioca


We are manufacturing the Healthy Vacuum Fried Chips

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Vacuum Fried Chips _ Ripe Banana, Kabooli Chana, Raw Banana, Tapioca

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We make this possible by combining modern food processing vacuum frying technology with traditional farming. Fruits or Vegetables that needs to be processed are directly harvested from local farms. They are then crisped to perfection using vacuum frying technology with low oil content. This helps in retaining all the goodness and ensuring the vitamins, nutrients and minerals present are not lost from our crisps. We aims to provide natural snacks and to create a healthier tomorrow, while utilizing the best from local farming and thus becoming a helping hand to our farmers. Our Gluten and cholesterol free BobinsTMCrisps with less fat is the realization of this vision.

  • No Cholesterol, Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly
  • No added preservatives, colors or chemicals
  • 70% lesser oil than deep fried snacks
  • Low temperature frying retains Vitamins, Texture, and color of the ingredient
  • Zero Carcinogens
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BobinsTM  chips are fried in vacuum environments. The chips are made using Vacuum frying technology, this helps preventing oxidation of the product and helps retain its natural taste and freshness. The vacuum frying is carried out in reduced temperature (90 0C), assuring that all the original vitamins, minerals, aroma and color keep intact. This combination gives you a healthy and tasty snack. Bite the crispy crunchiness.

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More Information
Product Specification

Combo Contains 4 pack of Vacuum Fried Chips

Item Quantity
Vacuum Fried Ripe Banana Chips 75 g
Vacuum Fried Kabooli Chana 75 g
Vacuum Fried Raw Banana Chips 75 g
Vacuum Fried Tapioca Chips 75 g

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